Natural energy of the wild Siberia Cedar Nuts

Briefly, about cedar nuts

Cedar nut is really colloquially accepted by the name for this product.
From the biological point of view the cedar nut is a seed that eventually feeds wild animals in the taiga forests.
The average weight of one cedar nut is 0.23-0.25 grams. Nuts that are 9 mm long are considered to be large, these 7-9 mm long are recognised as medium size. Eventually, those which are 7 mm long or less are considered as small ones.
Kernels of the nuts are very tasty and contain many useful nutrients, such as:

  • cedar oil
  • nitrogenous substances (essential amino acids)
  • carbohydrates (fructose, sucrose, glucose, starch)
  • trace elements (manganese, copper, zinc, cobalt, iodine)
  • vitamins A, B, E, C.
  • The cedar nuts seed contains
  • from 55% to 66% of fat
  • from 13.5% to 20% of proteins, starch, sugars and vitamins.
  • Product is grown and later collected only in Siberian Taiga forests in Russia

    Cedar Nuts we offer come from the only one proven source. We work corporate with a farm owning over 50.000hectares (125.000 acres) of siberian Taiga forests filled with Cedar Pines growing in natural siberian environment for tens of years, The annual cedar nuts stocks range between 300 and 350 tonnes every single year.

    NUTRITION VALUE FOR 100 Grams (3,5 Ounces) PRODUCTS
    2816 kJ / 674 kcal

    Water 2,3g
    Protein 13,7g
  • saturated
  • monounsaturated
  • polyunsaturated
  • 68,4g
  • sugar
  • starch
  • 13,1g
    Retinol (Vit. A ) 1mcg
    - β-carotene 17mcg
    Thiamine (B1) 0,4mcg
    Riboflavin (B2) 0,2mg
    Niacin (B3) 4,4mg
    Pantothenic acid (B5) 0,3mg
    Pyridoxine (B6) 0,1mg
    Folacin (B9) 34mcg
    Ascorbic acid (Vit. C) 0,8mg
    Tocopherol (odm. Vit.E) 9,3mg
    Vitamin K 53,9mcg
    Calcium 16mg
    Iron 5,5mg
    Magnesium 251mg
    Phosphorus 575mg
    Potassium 587mg
    Zinc 6,4mg

    source: USDA Nutrient database